Career FAQs

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What qualifications or experience do you need to work for ELC?

For a role within retail, the ideal candidate will have a passion and knowledge of the brand and previous experience in a retail position working to achieve sales targets. You must have the ability to deliver a very high level of customer service.

We look for previous make-up experience for our Make-up Artist/Retail Artist roles. Having a qualification in make-up artistry may be beneficial to your application but not a compulsory requirement to being employed with us.

Counter Managers and Business Managers need previous retail and relevant managerial experience.

What will the salary be for the position?

We offer a competitive salary for all our positions. Salary can vary depending on the role, location, store and previous experience. This is something you can discuss with the manager at a face-to-face interview.

I have seen a vacancy that suits me, how can I apply for it?

You can apply for the position by completing an online application. For more details please visit our Recruitment Process.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes you can apply for multiple positions, however please only apply to positions you are truly interested in.

I would like to attach my CV for a retail role application, how can I do this?

During your online application, there is a section to upload any attachments you have which may include your CV.

Will I have to work weekends?

We do require applicants to be flexible in the hours they are willing to work, unless otherwise stated on the position you will be expected to work some weekends and evenings, due to being our busiest trading times.

Do you offer work experience on the counters?

We are unable to offer any work experience on our counters, you may wish to enquire within the store the counter is located.

What is an associate Role?

We have Associate roles for many of our brands. An Associate is contracted to a minimum of 30 days per year and called on an ad hoc basis to cover occasions such as sickness, holidays and busy periods. You will need to be flexible and prepared to travel to various counters to meet the needs of the business.

I’m already working for Estee Lauder Companies, how do I apply for a different role/Brand?

Please apply through the internal job opportunities portal at

I’m living abroad and am planning on moving to the UK, how do I apply?

All applicants need to complete an online application; we do advise that you apply once you are in the UK to ensure availability for interviews. Please ensure that you are eligible to work and live in the UK before applying.

I can’t find a role that I saw advertised elsewhere/ last week?

The Estee Lauder Careers website is the most up to date method of viewing our current vacancies. The vacancies online can change on a daily basis, so it is advised to check the website prior to calling the Recruitment Team to avoid disappointment.

I can’t find my area/ Town on the list of vacancies?

The town or Area will only be visible if there is a current vacancy available.

If I am successful with my online application, am I guaranteed a face to face interview?

If you are successful at the online application stage, your details are passed over to the relevant manager for further consideration. On occasion the position may be filled before you are scheduled for a face to face interview and therefore we cannot guarantee that you will be progressed to this next stage. In this instance, we do keep your application for 2 months in the hope you can find an alternative role that is suitable for you- we can transfer your existing application across. For more details, please refer to our ‘Recruitment Process’.

I have been told about a vacancy in store but it is not showing on the website, how can I apply?

You are only able to apply for the position once the vacancy is showing on the website. If it’s a brand new vacancy we would advise to come back and check the website in a few days or regularly until the vacancy shows. On occasion, the vacancy may have been filled and therefore removed from the website.